Welcome to Twilight Dreams!

Twilight Dreams is a 18+ Fae themed roleplay nightclub that offers a variety of enchanting adventures and services as you step foot within our realm. Prepare yourself for Fae filled dreams and delights as you roam within the twilight.

Our staff:

Here are just some of our amazing, lovely staff!


Icyhot Uwus — Owner

Himitsu Yami — Head Media Manager, Courtesan

Fjola Nyx — Head Courtesan

Yukiko Hanabe — Head Greeter, Event Planner

Celeste Huii

Jessica Mori


Verasul Rizakin

Kudelia Yatogami

Leaf Maple

Jessica Mori

Sylvia Vale

Astrea Maki

Falo Tohka

Fjola Nyx

Rorian Blackrose

Mineas Anihilist

Koneko Asobi

Celeste Huii


Shiba Cross

Nate Bean

Eleora Maurieen

Faylore Cornello

Plastic Love

Celeste Huii


Zeneva Purmafrost


Sylvia Vale

Celeste Huii

Gambling Personnel

We're currently looking for qualified individuals to fill this position! Head on over to our hiring section and apply today!


Kristlyn Brianne

Rue Valehart

Honored Supporters

Yuin Dawnshire

Friends of the Venue

Mia Sajikittu

Joritha Catsune


Airi Evergarden

Saito Grim

Darth Spaghetti

Celeste Huii


We are located on Siren in the Lavender Beds, Ward 24 Plot 28. (Lavender Beds Northwest aethernet)

More details coming soon™

Our wonderful decorators

DayHours (EST)
Sunday9 PM - 2 AM
Monday9 PM - 2 AM
ServicePrice per IncrementIncrementNotes
Courtesan100k30 MinutesFor the first person. Half price for each additional participant.
Voyeur50kSessionVoyeurs are an additional 50k per voyeur per session and will be restricted to viewing only.
Dancer25k15 Minutes 

Photography Services

Hourly Flat Rate:Extras:
SFW: 125k+125k/hr Custom Pose
NSFW: 150k+20k per Mod
.+75k per Person


You can contact management in game by messaging Icyhot Uwus@Siren or Himitsu Yami@Siren any time! We can also be contacted on Discord at 秘密の闇#0001 for Yami and icyhot uwus#0577 for Icy.

You can also join our Discord server by clicking the Discord icon down below!

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If, for some reason, the embedded form doesn't work, try using this link. If that still doesn't work, message me on Discord at 秘密の闇#0001.